Advanced MicroLaser System Technology

Compacting Zap’s industry-leading diode laser technology into a sleek, handheld, all-in-one package was a deliberate process.

Zap spent over 2 years developing new technology and custom-engineering every facet of Styla to be sure it delivered the high-standard of care Zap is known for.

The result is a revolutionary 1.9 ounce wire-free diode laser that offers dental professionals unprecedented freedom in the operatory.

Powerful. Handheld. Self-contained. Wire-free. That’s Advanced Microlaser System technology.

Dental applications of the diode laser:

  • COSMETICALLY: The diode laser is being used a great deal to cosmetically reshape the architecture of the gums. In many cases we are able to remove portions of tissue that are covering up healthy tooth structure, thereby lengthening the teeth, reducing the amount of gum that shows and thereby enhancing the smile. In other cases, the laser is used to create symmetry, balancing gum tissues that are visually crooked and not level with the horizontal plane.
  • SOFT TISSUE MANAGEMENT: The laser is also beginning to be used in dental hygiene with great results. The ability of the laser to kill bacteria in periodontal pockets and rid those pockets of sick and infected tissue has enormous potential, not only as a means of arresting the progression of periodontal disease, but as a fast and simple prophylactic.
  • SURGERY: As a surgical instrument, the laser makes extremely accurate, bloodless incisions. Most patients report a substantial reduction in post-operative pain. The virtual elimination of bleeding during surgery gives the dentist a clear view of the operating field and reduces the risk of infection for the patient. This enhances healing greatly, speeding up recovery for the patient.
  • DESENSITIZING TEETH: Another breakthrough is the capability to desensitize teeth which is simple and effective.

The laser is Absolutely safe in every way, when used with good clinical judgment

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